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Louisville Urban League Announces First New President/CEO in Nearly Three Decades

The Louisville Urban League today announced the selection of Sadiqa Reynolds as LUL’s president and CEO effective on October 1, 2015. With more than a decade of experience, Ms. Reynolds has served as Chief for Community Building in the Office of the Louisville Mayor since 2011 and becomes the eighth person and first woman to lead the Louisville Urban League since it was established in 1921.

Ms. Reynolds replaces the Urban League’s long-time head, Ben Richmond, who is in his 29th year as its president/CEO and announced in January 2015 his plan to retire. Her selection is the result of a national search conducted by the Louisville Urban League and certification by the National Urban League.

In her position within the Office of the Mayor, Ms. Reynolds has provided leadership to eight metro departments, overseeing approximately 1,400 employees and a combined budget of more than $100 million.

Ms. Reynolds’ past experience also includes serving as: District Court Judge in Jefferson County; Inspector General for the Kentucky Cabinet for Health & Family Services; Chief of Staff for the Louisville Metro Department of Public Health & Wellness; and running her own law office for many years. Ms. Reynolds’ law practice included criminal defense, employment law and representing abused, neglected and dependent Louisville children by serving as Guardian Ad Litem. Ms. Reynolds’ career includes many firsts, not the least of which was serving as the first African American woman to clerk for the Kentucky Supreme Court.

“Sadiqa is a special person. I’m very confident she will bring exceptional leadership to the Urban League,” said Daniel Hall, Chair of LUL’s Board of Directors and Vice President of Community Engagement at the University of Louisville. “Sadiqa is equally comfortable with corporate leaders as with community residents and is passionate about our community and the mission of the Urban League. She will elevate the profile of the Urban League and broaden its impact in serving the community.”

Ms. Reynolds received her Juris Doctorate from the University of Kentucky and earned her bachelor degree in Psychology from the University of Louisville. She has served on various boards and commissions within the community and has also been the recipient of a variety of community awards, including the Torch of Wisdom, the Tower Award for Public Service and the Champion for Community Recovery Award for her work in the mental health arena.

“I am pleased to pass the torch to Sadiqa,” said Ben Richmond, LUL’s retiring President and CEO, of her selection. “Her abilities and experience make her uniquely qualified to lead the Louisville Urban League.”



  1. Roderic Bradshaw August 23, 2017 at 7:12 pm - Reply

    Beautiful interview you made our people very proud

  2. Dennis Gagne August 23, 2017 at 7:49 pm - Reply

    Dear Ms. Reynolds,

    I am recently an ex-Republican (now Independent), BUT am a (mostly) Trump policy supporter (many, not all, policies). I really don’t believe that Pres. Trump is a racist, though I don’t know his heart. Nor does anyone else but he and the Lord. I look at his track record as a businessman and his hiring practices, as well as his interaction with his employees.

    But, that’s not why I’m writing. I just saw your interview with Martha MacCallum on FNC. I’ve not intended to get into the discussion and fray about Confederacy-related statuary and symbols on public display around the country. But, after hearing your remarks about this, and your living experience as an African-American woman, I had to write you, because I really liked what you said and how you said it.

    I am a 67 year old, balding, white male originally from Vermont. I have no idea or sensibility of living with racial bigotry toward me. Where I grew up, being a French-Canadian Roman Catholic was about as tough as it got for me. I spent 20+ years in the US Air Force and interacted with many people from all walks of life. About 39 years ago, I committed my life to follow the person and teachings of Jesus Christ. I am certainly not perfect. Because of that change in my life, I’ve come to love and enjoy all people, sometimes with extra effort, because some of us aren’t so easy to love. But, I start with a new, fresh perspective with each person I meet, regardless of who it is.

    My point — I applaud you for speaking out as you did today against what’s wrong with our approach to dealing with issues related to Charlottesville…the hate…and speaking up for what you believe is right. I agree with you about history being a lesson, a remembrance of where we’ve been, to show us how we should move forward. God had Israel pile up 12 boulders, one for each of the 12 tribes, to remember how God helped them cross the Jordan River and saved them. That “statue” represented a good thing, even though Israel did bad things. These days, we don’t erect statues/memorials of the hateful “people” or “policies” as a way of remembering our history. Let’s allow local communities, without the help of ANY outsiders (ANTIFA, neo-Nazis, the Feds, etc.), to decide how to handle their own unique situations. Convince the MSMedia to highlight the good outcomes in these communities, rather than the failures in this process which will only exacerbate the hate. Let the examples of the good, successful changes become the catalyst of more good.

    Thank you for giving me an ear. God bless you!

    Dennis Gagne, Garden Valley, CA

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