More than 300 job placements this year, over 1,000 records expunged and $7 million in new mortgages, those were some of the talking points at the 2018 Louisville Urban League Impact report luncheon.

“This is a crowd of corporate leaders, people at every level in our society. I think this is just a mix of everybody in Louisville,” said Sadiqua Reynolds, Urban League CEO.

“They have to know the impact that it’s making and why it’s important to invest, to invest in black communities, to invest in black leadership, invest in an organization that at its primary goal is about empowering people of color,” Reynolds said of those in attendance at the luncheon.

The Riley re-entry expungement program has resulted in more than 1,000 records being expunged.

Those are the important things Reynolds wanted to share, but she also took time to address what she calls a bigger, more daunting problem facing our country.

“We have watched as hate has been stirred in the pot long enough to simmer to the top,” said Reynolds.

Her hope is that talking about the perpetual cycle of racial injustice among people of various socioeconomic backgrounds will raise empathy and regard for the issue.