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Learning with a Purpose

Learning with a Purpose

December 1, 2017

In 2012, at the age of 60, Brenda Garnett joined the Urban League as a participant in the Urban Seniors Jobs Program (USJP), a job-training program for low-income seniors. It didn’t take long for Brenda’s mentors at the Urban League to recognize her potential and encourage her to expand her skills. She received training as a housing specialist and education coordinator. Brenda explains, “I didn’t have the self-confidence to move on, but people here have pushed me to the next step. Now I have the confidence that I can do anything if I’m given the opportunity.”

Incredibly, in the past year, Brenda has completed 10 hours of mandatory certification and achieved her dream of becoming a housing counselor. She now guides people through the process of becoming homeowners. “I love people and helping them go from paying rent to owning their own home gives me satisfaction,” she says.

Working at the Urban League has been a rewarding experience for Brenda and she uses every opportunity to spread the word about the variety of resources the Urban League has to offer. “I think a lot of people have heard of the League but they don’t know all the things we can do to help them find jobs, help with housing and all the programs they have for kids,” says Brenda. “I don’t know of another program in Louisville that gives people the opportunity to get the education to own their own home and does all that we do with it.”


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