Community health workers help Kentuckians deal with the multitude of obstacles between them and better health

By Melissa Patrick
Kentucky Health News

BEATTYVILLE, Ky. – Fannie Callahan, a 62-year-old woman from Lee County, worked at the local nursing home for 38 years before retiring, has insurance, and pays her bills on time. But a six-day hospital stay in 2013 left her thousands of dollars in debt and wondering how to pay it and also cover her basic needs – until a co-worker told her about Kentucky Homeplace.

Samantha Bowman, a community health worker at Homeplace, said she was able to call Fannie’s bill collectors and get the debts written off or reduced, then helped her create a payment plan within her budget.

“I was in distress and really didn’t know which way to turn,” Callahan said. “I don’t know what I would do without Kentucky Homeplace.”