Street Academy

Street Academy is an education enhancement program that provides academic enrichment, increased social/behavioral skills, and cultural enrichment for targeted male students of Jefferson County Public Schools. Street Academy instruction emphasizes a direct reading curriculum model with literacy enhancements.   Additionally, students will engage with martial arts and chess professionals to increase discipline and self-resiliency skills.  Lastly, there is a parental involvement requirement with this program that consists of scheduled parent workshops throughout the school year.


Males 4th and 5th who attend designated schools within the Louisville’s Zones of Hope neighborhoods.


“Black children are performing at alarmingly low achievement levels, and sustain a frightening dropout rate” according to the No Child Left Behind studies. As a group, black boys have higher rates of behavioral problems, higher rates of absenteeism, and lower levels of academic achievement than others. Street Academy addresses this problem directly, with a highly structured, culturally sensitive curriculum.


This school-based program is currently offered at four Jefferson County Public School Elementary Schools- Byck, Rangeland, Roosevelt- Perry and Wheatley Elementary.  Transportation is provided and free to those students residing within zip codes 40203, 40208, 40210, 40211 & 40212


Youth Development and Education (YDE) at 502.566.3383 to enroll your child.