Updated: 6:09 PM EST Jan 9, 2019

The Louisville Urban League now offers free CDL training.

The first class graduated in December, and seven of the students now have jobs at TARC.

There is a huge need for commercially licensed drivers in Louisville.

TARC, UPS and Jefferson County Public Schools have all expressed concern about their ability to fill positions for their organizations.

According to TARC interim director Ferdinand Risco, CDL training can cost up to $3,000.

Through a partnership with TARC, the League’s Class B CDL training course utilizes industry veterans to teach students what they need to know.

Students spend three weeks in a classroom and five weeks training with TARC instructors.

The League plans to offer up to five courses throughout the year.

About a dozen people will be allowed in each one.

If you’re interested in registering for CDL training, contact the Louisville Urban League.

Source: Louisville Urban League offers free CDL training