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National Bar Association selects Sadiqa Reynolds, Esq. for National Award

Louisville, KY, March 8, 2019— On March 9, 2019, Sadiqa N. Reynolds, Esq. will be honored by the National Bar Association with the 2019 Gertrude E. Rush Award. Founded in 1925, the National Bar Association is the nation’s oldest and largest national association of predominantly African-American lawyers, judges, educators, and law students. It has 84 affiliate chapters throughout the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Africa, and the Caribbean. It represents a professional network of more than 65,000 lawyers, judges, educators, and law students.

The Gertrude E. Rush Award commemorates the life and exceptionality of Gertrude E. Rush, the only female co-founder of the National Bar Association and the first African-American woman to practice law in the state of Iowa. The ideal candidates for these awards manifest the pioneering spirit epitomized by Gertrude E. Rush, demonstrate leadership in the community and in his or her profession, demonstrate concern for human and civil rights and are models of excellence in legal education and perseverance in the law, public policy, and social activism. Along with Sadiqa, the Gertrude E. Rush award is being awarded to three other pioneering African-Americans; Chief Justice Bernette Joshua Johnson, Sonya Denise Hoskins, and the Honorable Harrison Gregg, Jr.

“Gertrude Rush was a transformative leader who acted with intention and purpose to improve the lives of black lawyers and the black community at large. From our observations, Sadiqa Reynolds embodies this same spirit and has been instrumental in effecting change in the black community throughout her legal career while serving as a judge, Inspector General for the Commonwealth of Kentucky, Chief of Community Building for the Mayor of Louisville, and now as President and CEO of the Louisville Urban League.” – Joseph N. Drayton, President of the National Bar Association

The Louisville Urban League is proud of Sadiqa’s accomplishments and all she has done and continues to do for the community and the League. As the President and CEO of the Louisville Urban League, Sadiqa not only motivates and encourages her peers, but embodies the quintessence of a strong leader.  Having worked endless hours for the betterment of the community, it is clear that Sadiqa exemplifies the pioneering spirit of Gertrude E. Rush.

“While Sadiqa’s primary job is no longer that of an attorney, she brings that knowledge and experience to work every day for the benefits of the families and communities we serve,” said Lyndon Pryor, Chief Engagement Officer for the Louisville Urban League. “Equally remarkable is the impact she continues to have on her peers in the judicial system and the system itself. The work she has spearheaded around expungements in Louisville has enabled training for dozens of attorneys and prompted changes to the process at the state level.”

Chief Jefferson Circuit Judge Brian Edwards said, “I met Sadiqa when we were both in law school.  We have been friends, law partners, and judicial colleagues since.  I have always admired Sadiqa’s passion for justice, her commitment to civil rights, and her fierce and passionate voice as an advocate for communities that are far too frequently ignored.”

The Louisville Urban League would like to congratulate Sadiqa Reynolds, Esq. all the honorees for being honored with this prestigious award from the National Bar Association. This is an honor not only for the Urban League, but the city and state as well.

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