Youth Development and Education

The Urban League provides school-aged youth with the pathway to becoming successful academically, personally, and socially. The key to this success is an initiative called NULITES(National Urban League Incentives to Excel and Succeed), our brand for Youth Development and Education programs.

The NULITES initiative strives to instill the following core values in our youth:

  • Strive for excellence at home, school and within one’s community
  • Work within one’s neighborhood to further its development
  • Respect one’s mind and body as well as the minds and bodies of others
  • Celebrate one’s heritage and culture as well as those of others
  • Create a better future for one’s family, other people and one’s self
  • Care for the world’s people and environment
  • Promote a universal spirit of cooperation and peace

Project Ready

Project Ready is the Louisville Urban League Youth Development & Education Department’s signature, out-of-school-time program that prepares students for a successful high school to college transition. Project Ready focuses on:

  • College and career exploration
  • STEM-awareness
  • Individual goal planning
  • Academic enrichment
  • Leadership development
  • Social skills
  • Service learning

The experiences provided in the areas above, prepare youth to graduate from high school “college-ready” and with the life skills and tools that support a successful college graduation and beyond.

The Project Ready curriculum is comprised of three major components that are guided by the Individual College Development Plan (ICDP) established for each student. The development of valuable inter-personal life skills, communication, and leadership skills empower our students to be resilient for a successful academia and life. Components are academic development, social development, and cultural and global awareness.

Please contact LUL for specific date and times



  • Our goal is to engage and serve students in grades 9 – 12, in an intensive process of planning, learning, exploring, and experiencing those activities that will facilitate middle school to college transitions
  • To ensure our students receive the necessary support and opportunities for them to succeed in STEM related class work and to expose them to STEM related careers
  • To bring out and enhance each student’s non-cognitive skills to build resiliency

Street Academy


The Street Academy is an education enhancement program that provides academic enrichment, increased social/behavioral skills, and cultural enrichment for targeted male students of Jefferson County Public Schools. Street Academy instruction emphasizes a direct reading curriculum model with literacy enhancements.   Additionally, students will engage with martial arts and chess professionals to increase discipline and self-resiliency skills.  Lastly, there is a parental involvement requirement with this program that consists of scheduled parent workshops throughout the school year.


Males 4th and 5th who attend designated schools within the Louisville’s Zones of Hope neighborhoods.


“Black children are performing at alarmingly low achievement levels, and sustain a frightening dropout rate” according to the No Child Left Behind studies. As a group, black boys have higher rates of behavioral problems, higher rates of absenteeism, and lower levels of academic achievement than others. Street Academy addresses this problem directly, with a highly structured, culturally sensitive curriculum.


This school-based program is currently offered at four Jefferson County Public School Elementary Schools- Byck, Rangeland, Roosevelt- Perry and Wheatley Elementary.  Transportation is provided and free to those students residing within zip codes 40203, 40208, 40210, 40211 & 40212


Youth Development and Education (YDE) at 502.566.3383 to enroll your child.

Parent Leadership Academy

Parent Leadership Academy empowers parents take a more active role in their children’s education. Our work coincides with the “Campaign for African American Achievement,” a national mobilization and advocacy effort aimed at raising awareness and improving public schools to enhance the academic and social development of young people.  Our curriculum also aligns with the National PTA’s Standards for Parent and Family Involvement, which set forth five objectives:

  • Personal Resilience
  • Relationship Building
  • Communications
  • Advocacy
  • Decision Making
  • Learning Opportunities/Community Partnerships.

This seven week program has been designed to empower parents to take a more active role in their children’s education.

Parent Leadership Academy will begin our next cohort on January 26, 2017 from 5:30-8:00pm (dinner is provided).  Please call 502-566-3419 for more information.

Urban Youth Golf Program

ugyp--16-yearsFounded in 1998, the mission of the Urban Youth Golf Program is to impact the lives of young people, particularly minority and disadvantaged youth, in the Louisville Metropolitan Area with exposure to the game of golf, thereby increasing their golf skills and providing them with a wide range of developmental experiences. UYGP assists participants improve their academic performance and social development while improving self-esteem and building confidence. The program is funded in part by: PGA of America, Louisville Metro Government and Metro United Way.

History of UGYP

The Urban Youth Golf Program was launched in 1998 as a result of a partnership between PGA of America, the City of Louisville, and the Louisville Urban League. Since inception, over 1500 urban, inner-city youth have been exposed to the game of golf and over 700 have enrolled in year-round golf instruction.
In 2005, the UYGP took actions that created The First Tee of Louisville to serve as an umbrella organization for the Urban Youth Golf Program and two other youth golf programs and provide Golf and Life Skills to the young people in these groups as well as new participants in the programs.

Program Components

  1. Golf Instruction
  2. Life Skills
  3. Academic Enrichment/Achievement
  4. Career Exposure/Field Trips
  5. Cultural Enrichment
  6. Scholarships

Program Outcomes

Youth participants of the UGYP benefit from their involvement in many ways:

  • 99% of our seniors graduation from high school
  • 92% of our graduates are offered college scholarships
  • The UGYP Scholarship Fund has disbursed over $47,000 to college-bound participants.

Participant Recruitment and Enrollment

Youth participants of the UGYP benefit from their involvement in many ways:

  • 99% of our seniors graduation from high school
  • 92% of our graduates are offered college scholarships
  • The UGYP Scholarship Fund has disbursed over $47,000 to college-bound participants.

Participant Recruitment and Enrollment

UYGP participants are recruited from middle schools, churches, community centers and youth service organizations. Referrals to the program come from coaches, principals, counselors, church leaders as well as business and civic leaders.

The requirements for participation in the program include:
Youth must be in grades 5-12, and:

  • Have a positive attitude
  • Have 2.0 GPA or greater
  • Have school attendance of 80% or better
  • Required Parental Involvement

To enroll youth, parents/guardians must complete an enrollment form and participate in an orientation process on program objectives.

Contact Us

For more information contact D’Shawn Johnson at (502) 566-3382 or email [email protected]