Show your Support: JCPS Commitment to Racial Educational Equity

At a recent Board of Education meeting, a Jefferson County Public Schools’ Board Member asked why should we talk about race? This is despite the overwhelming amount of evidence compiled and reported on by JCPS and others, that reinforce the fact that children of color, particularly African Americans, are receiving a disproportionately lesser educational experience than their peers.  This type of blatant disregard for the educational well-being of our student must end. On April 24, the JCPS School Board will vote to implement new policy measures, titled; the JCPS Commitment to Racial Educational Equity. These recommendations are not complete solutions, but they are a good start. If you would like to see the school board make a strong statement toward equity, we encourage you to use the form to the right to contact your Board Member and let them know you support the policy move and they should too. Remember that your voice matters.

Below is a draft copy of the JCPS Commitment to Racial Educational Equity to be voted by the JCPS Board of Education on August 24, 2018. Please review.

18-03-09 DRAFT-JCPS Commitment to Racial Educational Equity

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